Biodiesel From Used Motor Oil

These days the state of our environment is forcing people and manufacturing companies to do what they can to protect it. There are many ways to protect the environment such as recycling, using less energy, creating less pollution and whatever else you can think of. used engines near me

There is a Japanese environmental equipment manufacturer and supplier called Fuji Energy Co. who have created a compact processing device used to transform used engine oil or other waste oils into fuel oil.

What this device does is it mixes already used engine oil and Type A fuel in a 40 to 60 ratio, heats it up to 60 degrees Celsius and then it takes away the solids using a centrifuge. After this process, the oil goes through a precision filter roughly six or seven times, which breaks it down to micron-sized units. When these units are emulsified, you then get an alternative fuel for boilers with basically the same composition as Type A fuel oil.

There has already been a model of this processing device built by the company Fuji Energy and they are testing it at a hot bath facility in Ehime Prefecture. The company states that the device gets rid of exhaust gas regulations. This machine can process around 100 liters of oil a day and costs around US $8.70 a month to operate.

The compact version which is priced at $48 000 is 80 x 80 x 130 centimetres and can be installed beside and connected to a Type A fuel oil boiler. Fuji Energy is trying to ship fifty of these a year to transportation companies and food factories, using the selling point that this device has the ability to reduce fuel expenses by 30%.

Companies keep creating new unimaginable ways to help the environment hopefully soon all companies will take part and use these devices to help save the environment and make our planet a better place.


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